Friday, April 9, 2010

Mountain bike ride with my coaches

From left: Dad, me, Amber, and Conrad

Today my Dad and I went on a mountain bike training ride with my two awesome coaches, Amber Monforte and Conrad Stoltz. The trails of Reno are sweet! Smooth singletrack with some good rocky and technical stretches. And Conrad (3x Xterra World Champion) pretty much rides them like he's on a dirt bike instead of a regular mountain bike. I learned quite a lot of technical skills from his tips and also from just watching while riding behind him. Tomorrow I have a 4 hour scheduled bike ride and I'm stoked to try those new skills out!


brand said...

How did you link-up with the Caveman as coach ???

Taylor Seavey said...

I entered Conrad and Amber's training program, thats how I linked up with them. You can check out their coaching programs on