Wednesday, April 7, 2010

RV Trip

Our RV trip begins! After picking up our giant 37 foot 1998 Pace Arrow Vision in Portland. We left Seattle 2 days ago and stopped at Salem and then last night we stayed at Mt. Shasta! I was able to put in some good running, biking and swim workouts there. The beauty here is amazing, these pictures do no justice. Currently we are at Susanville, southwest of Mt. Shasta on our way to Las Vegas.

Top picture is our RV, Mom, Dad, and Buffett just before heading into Shasta.
2nd and 3rd are Dad and me at Castle Lake at 5000 ft. elevation. Very pretty views of Shasta and the area below from there.


Anonymous said...

Ha, thought you were headed for warm weather,,,does not look like warm weather to me!
Love you,
Auntie Elyssa

Shawn said...

Taylor, thanks for sharing this with us. I will definately check back for updates. you guys all look so awesome and I love your new home.
love you guys,